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CBT Course Erith

Compulsory Basic Training is a must if you are someone who is looking to legally ride a bike in Erith. It is essentially a beginner’s standard course in motorcycle training and LMRT Motorcycle Training is the best there is in Erith. This Compulsory Basic Training course is the best way of not only getting a legal certification but also a great way to reduce the number of accidents that happen due to inexperienced motorcycle riders on the road. So, how does this basic course work at LMRT and what would it entail? Well, here is an overview.

LMRT’s CBT Course

LMRT’s CBT course comprises five phases, which when completed, will end with rewarding you with a certification of completion which is valid for two years.

1.0 Testing

While you do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience with motorcycle riding, you will have to complete an assessment that will ensure that you can demonstrate safety. This means an eyesight test to ensure that you can read number plates from a distance of twenty meters.

2.0 Control

The course then starts off with teaching you about the components of the motorcycle along with its functionality. Essentially, you will learn how to control and operate motorcycles. This will equip you with a basic understanding of how all types of motorcycles work, which will then be applied in later stages.

3.0 Riding

Of course, since you are a novice rider, you will start off by riding a motorcycle but in a controlled environment that is away from main roads. This is to ensure the safety of the students as well as those on the road. LMRT has an incredible and vast training facility with a simulated environment comprised of obstacle courses using cones, which you will have to ride through for practical learning purposes. This allows you to not feel overwhelmed and develop a comfort level on motorcycles. 

4.0 Safety On The Road

In this phase, you will be attending LMRT’s classroom facilities to learn everything on how to stay safe on the road. It is an incredibly vital part of the CBT course as there are several dangers involved when riding a motorcycle out on the road as you are in a much more vulnerable state than, say, being inside a car. You will also be learning about elements regarding the highway code and develop a general understanding of the workings of on-road riding.

5.0 Riding On The Road

Once you are successful in passing all of the four phases one-by-one, you will then move on to the last stage, which is something you are probably the most excited about; riding a motorcycle on the road. Of course, you will have your instructor with you.

LMRT Motorcycle Training has developed its CBT course and trained its instructors in a way that helps cater to each individual student, which helps every student to excel. So, you will go in as a novice rider and emerge as a knowledgeable and experienced rider who is confident on the road.