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CBT Deptford

Did you know that to ride bikes in the UK, you have to complete a training course called the CBT? Yes, you heard us right. You cannot legally ride a two-wheel vehicle in the UK unless you have completed the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

If you’re planning to complete your CBT in Deptford, look no further than LMRT. We are the best motorcycle training service provider in the area. Here is everything you need to know about us.

What Does LMRT Do?

LMRT is a professional motorcycle training service provider. We teach beginners and amateurs to ride two-wheel vehicles. 

The CBT program is what sets us apart from other institutes. That is because not all organizations in the UK are permitted to conduct this training. Only DVSA approved centres can give you a certification. And LMRT is one of them.

Not only is our institute but our instructors are also DVSA accredited. So, rest assured you will be getting expert guidance at LMRT.

How Does Our CBT Work?

At LMRT, we adhere to the legal pattern of CBT. This means that we train you in the course as per the guidelines set by DVSA. According to that, we have divided the training into five elements.

In the first stage, we teach you the aims of this training and conduct an eye test. So, you will be required to read a number plate of a car from a set distance. This is to ensure that you see well and pose no risk to other drivers.

If you pass the eye test, you’ll move on to the second element of CBT. In this, we will teach you how to operate different components of your bike. After that, we’ll provide you with off-road training and then a safety regulations class.

In the last stage, you will ride the vehicle on the roads along with our instructor. If you show the minimum level of competence, we will give you a completion certificate.

Why Choose Us?

One of the benefits of completing your CBT from us is that you will get access to our expert instructors. They will guide you on all aspects of riding a motorcycle. Besides that, they are friendly and keep the training fun. So, rest assured you won’t feel intimidated or nervous.

At LMRT, we offer a CBT renewal service too. See, after every two years, your original certificate will expire. Following this, you will have to complete the renewal training. This is almost the same as the original course, with some minor changes.

Another benefit of choosing us for your CBT is that you will be making a significant saving. That is because we offer the most reasonable price for providing you with CBT.

Contact Us Now

That was all you needed to know about our CBT service in Deptford. For more information or to book your training, please don’t hesitate to phone us. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with further details.