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What licence do I need?

A motorcycle licence entitles you to ride on the road without ‘L’ plates and enables you to carry a passenger and use motorways.

For all Licence tests you will need to produce a valid CBT certificate and a valid motorcycle theory pass certificate, in all cases the test is the same the only difference is the size of bike that you train and test on. 

A1 licence – age 17

125cc (after two years you can upgrade to A2)

You will have to retest

A2 licence – age 19

250cc (after two years you can upgrade to big bike Licence)

You will have to re-test

A licence – age 24

At 24 Years old A Licence (big bikes)

Any size bike

Licence courses are tailored to individual needs and levels of experience for prices and more detail call Nathan 07927 979 111 Or email [email protected]

MOD 1 test

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MOD 2 test

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The United Kingdom requires you to obtain the necessary licence before you can ride a motorcycle or scooter. When you start as a rider, you must  “L” plates on the front and back of your motorcycle or scooter. These plates signify that you’re a learner, so other drivers know to keep their distance from you. 

You’re not allowed to ride on motorways or carry passengers when you’re still classified as a learner. Once you obtain your rider’s licence, then you can start riding on motorways and carrying passengers. Furthermore, you can finally remove those “L” plates. 

There are three different types of motorcycle licences that you can obtain: A1 Licence, A2 Licence, and A Licence. If you are between the ages of 17 and 19, then you can apply for your A1 Licence. However, you are legally required to ride a motorcycle with an engine size of no larger than 125 cc. Its power output cannot be over 11kW either. But you can still carry passengers and ride on motorways when you get your A1 Licence.

Someone between the ages of 19 and 24 can apply for an A2 Licence. You will be required to take a practical test, even if you already have an A1 Licence. An A2 Licence allows you to ride motorcycles with engines that have up to 35kW of power output and a minimum of 395cc. These would be considered intermediate motorcycles as opposed to the beginner motorcycles of an A1 Licence.

If you have reached the age of 24 or higher, then you can apply for your full A (Direct Access) Licence. This licence entitles you to ride any size vehicle without restrictions.