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CBT Elmstead Wood

Do you have a valid UK licence? If so, you are one step closer to riding on the open road by yourself in Elmstead Wood. Now all you need to do is complete the legally required CBT course.

CBT is the Compulsory Basic Training course in which all UK licence holders must complete before they can ride on a motorcycle alone. The CBT course curriculum goes over all the safety and control functions of a motorcycle. So not only will you learn how to operate a motorcycle safely, but you’ll also learn how the roads work. That is important for reducing the risk of accidents on your bike.

The five stages of the CBT course in Elmstead Wood are as follows:

Eyesight Test

The government wants to make sure you can see the road well enough to ride a motorcycle on it. So we will give you a simple eye test to ensure the quality of your vision. 


Learning the dashboard controls is an essential part of riding a motorcycle. We will go over the functions of the controls and how your motorcycle responds to them. 

Off-Road Riding

Your first hands-on training during this course will be in a controlled environment away from traffic and people. It will be an obstacle course where you can learn to ride the motorcycle properly.


There will be a 45-minute classroom session devoted to operating a motorcycle safely. You will learn about the various dangers of riding on the road and how to avoid accidents. 

On-Road Riding

Once you have completed the first four stages, you will finish the course by riding your motorcycle on the main roads with traffic and junctions around you.

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LMRT Motorcycle Training is an authorized provider of the required CBT course training you need to satisfy your education requirement. Once you have completed the course, we will issue a CBT Certificate to you. Then you can enjoy your newfound freedom on the motorcycle and live out your dreams as a trained rider.