Compulsory Basic Training


It is a requirement in law to have a valid CBT Certificate to ride on the road unsupervised


This is the entry level to start riding a motorcycle or moped and the course is broken down into five separate elements


It is not necessary to have any prior experience the course is tailored to develop your level of skill

What do I need to bring?

In order to complete a CBT you need to produce a valid UK Licence (card only). If you have a European Licence you will also need to produce a D91 form which is issued by the DVLA.

There is no test!

CBT is a continuous assessment and you will need to complete each of the elements to a satisfactory standard which simply means you need to demonstrate that you have adequate control of the motorcycle or moped, and you have a good understanding of how the roads work.

What should I wear?

We have helmets, gloves and jackets available for use on the day. Jeans is a minimum requirement and good sturdy footwear such as Timberland boots or Dr Martins (no steal toe caps). Tracksuit bottoms and trainers are not acceptable.

Dress for the weather, even on a bright sunny day you can get cold on a bike. It’s easy to peel layers off, very difficult to magic them up to put on.

If you have your own Motorcycle kit, then please bring it.

If you wear glasses, please bring them you will need to complete an eyesight test.

How should I prepare?

You need to have a good understanding of how the roads work. Read your highway code, look at our learning resources section.

If you have issues with balance or co-ordination please talk to us before you book.




Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a standard motorcycle training course that everyone must take if they want to ride motorcycles legally in the United Kingdom. The purpose of the training course is to reduce the number of traffic accidents involving inexperienced riders. An amateur cannot ride on the road alone unless they have a CBT Certificate.

The CBT course is divided into five different elements. Students do not need any previous experience at riding motorcycles to qualify for this course. It is designed to teach amateurs and turn them into competent riders. In fact, the course is customised to cater to the experience level of the students. So, the lessons might be different for each student based on their previous experience. 

The five elements of the CBT course include the following:

A) Aims of the course and safety equipment – Before you even begin your basic training as a motorcycle rider, you need to demonstrate that you can read a car number plate from a distance of 20 metres. The aims of the course and content will be explained to you. Next is a section on safety equipment. This test will determine how well you can see the road.

B) Controls – Then you will learn the standard controls of a motorcycle. It is obviously vital that you know how to operate the various components and functions of the motorcycle as you’re riding it. 

C) Off-Road Riding – Your motorcycle training will begin away from the main roads. You will learn to ride in a controlled environment without people or traffic around. This is where you pass through cones on an obstacle course and things like that.

D) Road Safety – You must attend a classroom session that teaches about safety. Since motorcycle riding can be dangerous, students need to understand the dangers before they start riding on the open road. While elements of the highway code are included you will need to understand how the roads work before you attend your CBT 

E) On-Road Riding – If you’ve gone through the first four elements, you will now be allowed on the open road with your instructor.  

Certificate of Completion

If you’ve successfully passed all five elements, then you will receive your Certificate of Completion. It expires in 2 years.