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CBT Course Eltham

Are you all set to take your first ride on a motorbike? Well, you cannot be fully prepared until you have taken a CBT. Compulsory Basic Training, abbreviated as CBT, is a preparatory training program designed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) of the United Kingdom.

The sole purpose of this training program is to make sure that all bikers are registered and experienced. It would also help in decreasing the number of casualties that occur from the inept behavior of bikers. These preliminary training courses are designed and presented by the approved training bodies that hire proficient trainers for this task.

Once an individual has gone through all the curriculum, he is granted a CBT certificate. The validity of this certificate lasts for only up to two years starting from the date of issue. However, the offered courses may vary depending upon the experience and skills of the rider. The curriculum of compulsory basic training (CBT) comprises five elements, which have been categorized into three different parts. See below for a detailed description:

Part One:

The first part of a CBT consists of element A and element B. Element A stresses over the key objectives of the course along with the theoretical study of precautionary measures. For instance, a rider’s eyesight is examined in this course. It is to make sure that he can read a number plate from a distance of at least 20 meters. Furthermore, the candidates are educated about safety gear and its importance.

Element B focuses more on hands-on training in which the trainees are taught about the working mechanism of a motorbike. They also learn about the controls, gears, and balance of a motorcycle.

Part Two:

The second part of compulsory basic training consists of elements C and D. Element C is an onsite motorcycle learning course in which an individual is supposed to ride the bike out on the road.  Although books increase your knowledge regarding a particular subject, it is imperative to know how to implement it practically.

Hence, of all elements, of CBT, element C is one the most significant of all. It is because in this course trainees are to ride their bikes on a course. It not only enhances their riding skills but also boosts their road confidence.

On the other hand, element D teaches you about the highway codes and safety measures that must be remembered by bikers.  

Part Three:

Part three of a CBT is based entirely on element E, in which the trainee is permitted to ride his bike. This practical riding course is conducted under the instructor’s supervision. The instructor is responsible for carefully assessing whether the trainee is skilled enough to ride a motorbike or not.    

Once you have aced this training program and received the certificate you will be able to ride on your own. So, if you are a bike lover and want to witness an exhilarating experience then call us on board for a CBT in Eltham.