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CBT Course Bromley

Compulsory Basic Training, shortened as CBT, is a preliminary training program. It is mandatory to take a CBT by individuals who aspire to become bikers one day. It was formulated and introduced by the United Kingdom’s DVSA – Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. As per the DVSA, every biker must have a CBT certificate as evidence of his proficiency to ride this vehicle.

There is no denying the fact that motorbikes can be as dangerous as they appear to be. So, as an approach to minimize the ratio of casualties, a systematic process was introduced. A CBT certificate ensures that the biker is registered and skilled enough to ride on his own. To achieve this document all bikers must get enrolled in a compulsory basic training program.

The CBT program comprises five elements in the curriculum. Each element of the CBT curriculum focuses on educating the trainees on a theoretical basis along with practical basis. They are taught about the highway codes, safety gear, and bike control and balance as well. Depending on the biker’s experience and skill the duration and courses of the training program may vary. The certificate issued can last for a maximum of, up to two years. The information mentioned below may help you if you are about to get enrolled in this training program. 

What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Enroll In A CBT Course?

To get enrolled in this training program, you must have a provisional licence. It would allow you to learn to ride a motorbike on roads under the supervision of approved instructors.

How Long Does A CBT Course Take To Complete?

The curriculum of compulsory basic training (CBT) consists of about five elements. The first four elements are based entirely on the theoretical study of motorcycle training.

Only element E is focused on on-site learning of motorcycles. In this course, the trainees are to ride motorbikes on a course so that their skills can be assessed by the instructors. Usually, a duration of four hours is allotted for this course but the time may vary depending on the person’s capability.

Is CBT A Test?

CBT is usually misunderstood, as an assessment or a test, on the contrary, it is not. It is a training program divided into a series of stages. The trainees are encouraged to pass each course at least satisfactorily having basic knowledge about control and balance of a motorbike.

Unlike a typical driving test, when getting enrolled in a CBT program, you have to pay attention to your apparel as well. Helmet, heavy-duty boots, jacket, gloves, and the rest are the typical clothing of a biker. 

Profound knowledge about the highway codes and road safety measures in combination with a good understanding of the vehicle will help you ace it.