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CBT Mottingham

Do you dream about riding on a motorcycle and hitting the open road in Mottingham? Well, you can make that dream a reality with the proper training and experience. London Motorcycle Training is the premier provider of Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) courses in Mottingham. No experience is required to take the course because it is designed to improve the skill levels of all riders.

The UK requires motorcycle riders to take an authorized CBT course as part of their riding requirement. You cannot ride a motorcycle by yourself until you have completed the CBT course and obtained your official CBT Certificate. 

There are five different stages to our CBT course. They are as follows:

Eyesight Test 

Your eyesight will get tested to ensure that you can see the road clearly. 


You will learn about all the basic motorcycle controls on the vehicle and what they do. 

Off-Road Riding

All your hands-on motorcycle training is performed away from the main roads for safety reasons.


You will learn about motorcycle safety in the classroom sessions of the course.

On-Road Riding

The final stage is when you get to take the motorcycle out onto the main road and test your riding skills amid areas with traffic, obstructions, junctions, and gradients.

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London Motorcycle Training is always accepting new students in Mottingham. As long as you have a valid UK licence, you can enroll in our CBT course.