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CBT Sidcup

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers a complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course to anyone with a valid UK Licence or European Licence and D91 form. You must complete this training course before riding on the roads and streets of Sidcup unsupervised. 

The CBT course trains you to become a safe and responsible motorcycle rider. Whether you are an experienced rider or not, the course will help you develop new skills that you might not possess already. By the time you finish the course, you’ll have a newfound understanding of how to navigate the roads with your motorcycle adequately and safely.

Here are the stages of our CBT course in Sidcup:

Learn the Objective of the Course

The first stage is learning about the content covered in the course and the overall objective from learning it. We’ll also require you to take an eye test, where you have to read a number plate from approximately 20 metres away.

Dashboard Controls

You cannot operate a motorcycle without understanding the control functions on the dashboard. We’ll discuss all of the controls and what they do. 

Off-Road Riding Test

Your first real-world motorcycle training experience will be off-road, away from traffic and people. It will give you a chance to practice riding the motorcycle and getting used to the controls.

Learn Road Safety

Now you will go back to the classroom and learn everything you need to know about staying safe on the main roads with your motorcycle.

On-Road Riding 

The final stage is to test your motorcycle riding skills on the main roads with traffic all around you. If you can remain safe and follow the road rules, you will pass the course and receive your Certificate of Completion.