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CBT South London

Obtaining a CBT certificate, a training course known as compulsory basic training,  before riding a bike is the law in the UK. Without doing this training course, you are not legally eligible to ride a bike. Luckily for the citizens of South London, LMRT Motorcycle Training offers the CBT test training course’s services in the area.

Course Information:

The compulsory Basic Test (CBT) test is introduced by The United Kingdom’s Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) for people aged 16+. There are no such eligibility criteria; however, you need to have a verified license. So basically, it is a full day procedure consisting of all the necessary assessments and instructions one should know before riding a bike. After completing this one day course, the rider is ready to ride a bike safely on the road. The fundamental purpose of this test is to minimise the risk of fatal accidents happening because of inexperienced bike riders. Furthermore, the best part about this training program is that you do not need to have any past experience to ride a bike. LMRT, being a leading motorbike training institute, will make your experience very comfortable by making this course much easier for you.

What will you learn?

This one-day long course lasts around 5-8 hours normally. You will be assigned an instructor according to your experience and needs, making it the best choice for you. There are five steps of this training course that will succeed once you pass the stages one by one. These five stages will focus on training you on riding a bike and educating you on all the functions and operations of the bike components.

The first introductory step is to examine the eyesight of the rider; that is whether the rider is able to read a number plate from 20 meters away or not. The tests proceed with the 2nd stage by introducing you to the knowledge of the working mechanism of the bike. It tells you how to control and operate a motorbike and gives information about the bike’s components. Then comes the third stage, off-road motorcycle training, the most important one. In this stage, you ride a bike under the instructor’s supervision in a controlled environment i.e. without traffic. The fourth stage tells us about all the safety gears and precautions, considering the rules to drive the bike safely. After completing all the stages, the last stage will allow you to ride the motorbike on the roads of south London with your instructor.

Once you pass all these stages, you will become a great rider with all the skills like a perfect rider, and you will be awarded with a two-year certificate.

Why choose LMRT?

If you are in South London, then you should definitely avail the services of LMRT. It offers affectionate professional training with the best experienced trainers. It provides you with an extensive range of training programs no matter how new, or in contrast, well experienced you are. Their goal is to change the incompetent driver to an expert one.