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CBT London

Deciding to purchase a motorcycle in London is not easy and has its hurdles. You must go through a program to get the vehicle and you need to pass tests. There are many places where you can get the required Licence, but the one with the most significant number of students is the London Motorcycle Training or LMRT. Here you will learn all the necessary and essential information about riding a motorcycle on London roads.

Once you have registered for this course, you will need to go through the CBT. CBT stands for courses in motorcycle training that cover Compulsory Basic Training. Here is a little in-depth knowledge of what they teach and how it can help you achieve your Licence eventually. It is also necessary to point out that getting your CBT certificate is the only way to proceed to the practical section to show your motorcycle skills. If you don’t pass this, you will not proceed.

So, what is a CBT? It is a continuous assessment course where there are no test’s, but you are continuously monitored on how you are following orders and comprehending important information. There are five essential elements that you are judged on, and they are as follows:

1.   The Aim of the Course and Safety Equipments

Here we will tell you about the course’s aim and what is expected of you in this learning process. The first thing that they will see is if you can notice and read a number plate from a distance of 20 feet. By doing so, we can judge what you will see on the road and how far.

2.   The Controls

Knowing how the motorbike functions are vital but also essential is for you to know the motorcycle controls. You need to know how to control it, how it functions, and the motorbike’s basic components.

3.   Off-Road Riding

Here you will be taught away from the road. Your initial training will not be on the main road but off-road. We will present you with artificial obstacles to see how you do.

4.   Road Safety and Precautions

You will have to sit through a class where we will tell you about how you need to ride on a busy street and protect yourself and the people around you. Motorcycle riding is dangerous, and thus, you need to know the essentials to be prepared. Here we will also tell you about the city roads and their rules.

5.   On-Road Riding

After the above four elements have been completed to a satisfactory standard, we will take you on the road to ride within the regular traffic. You will be on-road with your instructor, who will mark you, seeing how you make your way and remember your instructions.

Once you have passed all five of these elements, and if the instructor feels ready, you will get the certificate and then you can apply for a motorcycle driving Licence.