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CBT Poplar

Compulsory Basic Training, abbreviated as CBT is a learning program that schools basic knowledge regarding motorbikes. CBT was formulated by the United Kingdom’s driving and vehicle standards agency (DVSA) to lower the rate of road casualties. To prevent any danger-filled episodes the DVSA has devised the CBT to be mandatory to take by every motorbiker. The CBT can be considered as a preemptive measure taken by the higher authorities to fight against roadside accidents.

The program polishes an individual’s bike riding skills by conducting discussion-based and on-site learning sessions. The applicants are instructed about the legal requirements that involve the licence, traffic rules, and highway codes. Followed by a practical learning session in which applicants are taught about the controls and how they work. The program concludes by conducting an on road assessment in which a candidate’s bike riding skills are evaluated by professional instructors. In the final stage, candidates are supposed to implement all the acquired knowledge physically.

The CBT certificates are issued to the applicants only if they pass the trainers’ criteria for being a motorbiker. So if you are willing to enroll in this program here, is what you need to know:

The Eligibility Criteria for CBT:

To get enrolled in the compulsory basic training, every applicant must have a provisional or Car Licence. According to CBT’s legal framework, applicants who are 16 years of age are allowed to ride a 50cc moped. While the ones who are aged 17 or above can ride a 125 cc motorbike with 11kW power output.   

The Five Elements of CBT:

The CBT syllabus has been categorised into three modules. Module one has been further subdivided into elements A and B while the second module comprises elements C and D. So there are a total of five elements in this preliminary training program with the last module consisting of element E.

Legal requirements, information about, proper equipment, and apparel is the brief outline of Element A. Element B and C are based on practical riding lessons that include basic understanding regarding motor controls, switching of gears, and their working mechanism. Understanding regarding appropriate speed, weather conditions, first aid, and the rest are the main components of element D. Information acquired from all the elements are implemented physically in element E which is the final stage.

Typically four hours are allotted for the entire training program however the time limit may vary depending on the individual’s capabilities.

After passing a CBT program, the applicants are issued a CBT certificate that is valid for up to two years. So you have to re-enroll in the program if the certificate expires. Do you aspire to be a motorbiker and are legally eligible for it? Immediately approach LMRT which is offering CBT’s in Poplar.