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CBT Putney

Are you looking to take the legally required Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course for licenced motorcycle riders in Putney? If so, then you should enroll in our CBT course.

LMRT Motorcycle Training is an official motorcycle school for licenced riders in Putney and the UK. If you already have a valid UK-issued licence, you can enroll in our course as early as possible. No prior experience or training is needed either.

The CBT course must be successfully completed to ride alone on the roads and streets of the UK. It is a continuous assessment to see if you have the abilities and knowledge to stay safe on your motorcycle with other people around you. If you can pass the evaluation, you’ll be issued an official CBT Certificate to start riding unsupervised.

Thousands of students have completed their CBT course at London Motorcycle Training. You can join the ranks of successful students who’ve not only earned their certificates but have also picked up valuable riding skills along the way. Then you can learn to implement the best safety practices as you ride freely by yourself.

The five stages of our CBT course are as follows: 

  Vision test

  Learn the controls of the motorcycle

  Testing your riding skills off-road

  Learn about safety

  Testing your riding skills on-road around traffic

All you need to do is complete these five stages to receive your CBT Certificate. If you have any questions along the way, our instructors can answer them for you promptly and thoroughly. The CBT certificate is good for two years before you need to retake the course. 

Would you like to ask us questions or enroll in our CBT course in Putney? If so, please get in touch with us at 07498 174 291