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CBT Mitcham

Do you wish to ride your motorcycle unsupervised in Mitcham? If so, you will need a valid Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Certificate issued by an accredited learning institution.

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers a fast and comprehensive CBT course. The course is a continuous assessment of your knowledge and skills about riding a motorcycle on the streets and roads of Mitcham and the UK.

Our CBT course is divided into five essential sections:

1) Course Overview

You will be introduced to the course curriculum and the purpose of learning the information presented. In addition, you must prove you can read the a car number plate from approximately 20 metres away.

2) Motorcycle Controls

The instructor will explain the standard controls on a typical motorcycle. You must understand how to use the controls to operate the motorcycle correctly and safely.

3) Off-Road Motorcycle Riding

You will get to test your motorcycle skills on the off-road training area away from the standard roads. Off-road training gives you more freedom to make mistakes as you learn to ride the motorcycle correctly.

4) Road Safety

You will get educated about how to ride safely on the roads and avoid the common dangers on them.

5) On-Road Motorcycle Riding

Now your motorcycle riding skills will get put to the test on actual roads with traffic. The instructor will evaluate your performance and determine if you have the necessary riding skills to pass the course.

Certificate of Completion

You will be issued a Certificate of Completion after passing the CBT course. It will expire two years from the issue date.