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Motorcycle Training Woolwich

Motorcycles and accidents can go together. Motorcycling is a type of leisure pursuit that provides you with satisfaction and contentment. While on the other hand, it can be risky. Many factors oppose this activity, for instance, weather conditions, state of intoxication or blurred vision.

Since motorcyclists put their lives in danger to pursue this adventure-filled hobby, hence they must wear the necessary protective equipment. Every piece worn by the bikers is manufactured to provide a protective covering to an individual. It is done so that a minor wound cannot aggravate into something worse.

The following are some significant pieces of protective equipment which must be owned by every motorcyclist:


Headwear or a helmet is an important article that must be worn by motorcycle riders. Research has revealed that helmets are effective in preventing 67% of painful injuries of the cranium and 29% of fatal motorbike accidents. There are different forms of helmets available i.e. flip face, full face and open face.  Thus, whether you like it or not, you need to wear it to keep your neurons intact.

Hard-wearing and Durable Clothing:

You must have noticed that motorcyclists always wear heavy-duty jackets and pants. There is a valid reason for this kind of attire. Since motorcyclists are prone to accidents, minor abrasions are the most common injuries they get. So to protect their body from possible scrapes and wounds they wear clothes that are made of abrasion-resistant material like leather or ballistic nylon.

Tough Boots:

Injuries of lower extremities are amongst the common physical damages that are likely to happen to a motorcyclist. Skidding off motorcycles is a leading cause of traumatic injuries. Therefore bikers prefer to wear heavy-duty, over the ankle boots to shield their lower torso from possible impairments. As these boots are made of strong, durable material therefore they also protect the lower limbs from higher degree burns that can result from hot exhaust pipes. 


Gloves for bikers are different from casual winter mittens. They are full-fingered and highly durable, usually made from leather.

There are many other protective gear that should be worn by motorcyclists, for instance, elbow and knee pads etc. A commoner who aspires to ride a motorcycle may not be familiar with its safety protocols. That is why they should join the LMRT Motorcycle Training team in Woolwich.