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Motorcycle Training Catford

More than 17000 people in the UK were involved in motorcycle-related accidents in 2019 only. As much as a motorcycle seems like an easy-breezy ride, it is more likely to be involved in an accident if ridden carelessly.

Motorcycle Training Catford trains young, inexperienced riders as well as polishes the skills of seasoned riders. This is to ensure the safety of both the riders and other commuters on the road.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Motorcycle Training Catford

Following are a few reasons why getting motorcycle training is important before you can ride on public roads.

Ensure Safety

After purchasing a motorcycle, you may want to buy flamboyant and flashy motorcycle gear. While motorcycle gear work to protect the rider in the event of an accident, it cannot prevent the accident. Moreover, such gear only protects the rider, while the safety of pedestrians is still at risk when an untrained motorcyclist is on the road.

Motorcycle training is an important aspect of the prevention of motorcycle accidents. A comprehensive motorcycle training will not only ensure your safety but the safety of your fellow commuters as well.

Develop Experience

Hitting the road for the first time on a motorcycle can be scary. The idea of riding in the traffic for the first time can make you nervous and this nervousness may lead to an accident.

Motorcycle training Catford gives new riders a chance to hone their skills. It allows them to gain experience of riding a motorcycle before going to ride on public roads. This way you will not get too nervous when it’s time to drive among dense, relentless traffic on public motorways.

Improve Riding Skills.

In the UK, more than 1700 motorcycle riders were killed or seriously injured due to accidents in 2019. Knowing how to drive a motorcycle is not enough for you to be able to ride one on a public road, but unfortunately, most people don’t understand the gravity of proper motorcycle training. This negligence then results in accidents which contribute to such staggering statistics.

Getting comprehensive motorcycle training can help young riders in improving their riding skills and becoming more responsible while riding on dense roads. 

Proper Motorcycle Training Gives Confidence

As in all other fields of life, confidence is very important while riding a motorcycle. Motorcyclists are the most risk-exposed riders on the motorway. Most other drivers tend not to give them much space or consideration as they zip past them. Such circumstances may unnerve an unconfident rider even further.

Proper motorcycle training will brush up your confidence in riding a motorcycle while the experience you’ll get by riding a real motorcycle in the real-world scenario will enhance it even more.

Important While Getting a Licence

You must clear practical tests before you can get a licence to ride your motorcycle on public roads and carry passengers with you in the UK. 

Motorcycle training Catford prepares all its students for practical licence tests. They do so by having them undertake a few assessments. So, it’s easier for people with proper motorcycle training to clear practical licence tests.

Why Choose LMRT for Motorcycle Training Catford?

LMRT Motorcycle training is the best school to get comprehensive motorcycle training in Catford. At LMRT we have the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved instructors.

Our training facility is in proximity to Catford so that you can easily access the services that we offer. Moreover, we have well-kept, contemporary bikes for you to learn on so you can prepare to enjoy the freedom of riding a bike.

We believe in teaching you how to ride a bike in a professional yet friendly manner, so you leave LMRT as a responsible and confident motorcyclist.