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Motorcycle Training Canning Town

Learning to ride a motorcycle is often one of the top things on most people’s bucket list. Motorcycle training Canning Town is here to help aspiring motorcyclists become professional bike riders by offering comprehensive motorcycle training courses.

LMRT offers multiple courses that are designed for amateur riders so that they can learn and improve their skills and for professional riders to refresh their expertise.

Before you enroll yourself in any one of LMRT’s motorcycle training courses, you must know what the general prerequisites are for these courses.

Generic Prerequisites for Motorcycle Training Canning Town

  1.   Appropriate Motorcycle Gear

Before you show up for your first motorcycle training session, the school will urge you to come with proper motorcycle gear. Appropriate gear includes a helmet, a pair of gloves, a jacket and a pair of thick pants, preferably denim or leather.

The purpose of such gear is to protect you from getting injured in case of an accident. Therefore, give priority to getting a good quality helmet because it protects the most important part of your body. Get a sturdy pair of gloves and pants that won’t rip easily, and don’t forget to wear ankle-boots to prevent ankle-injuries.

  1.   Eyesight Test

Clear eyesight is imperative to drive anything, be it a car, bus, truck or a bike. So, to be able to learn to ride a bike, the school needs to make sure that you can see properly.

For this, the motorcycle training school will conduct an eyesight test by asking you read a number plate that’s around 20 meters away from you.

Hence, if your eyesight is weak, make sure to keep your glasses with you before appearing for the course.

  1.   Experience of Riding a Bike

For a CBT, there is no experience requirement. You can get enrolled for CBT even if you have zero prior experience of riding a motorcycle and the school will teach you everything from scratch. LMRT Motorcycle training also offer an introduction to motorcycling course (ITM) which is based on the CBT syllabus but with reduced numbers and no pressure to go on the road.

  1.   Licence

Licence is one of the most important requirements for enrolling in any one of LMRT’s motorcycle training. For the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) you will need to produce your provisional or Car licence.

If you don’t have a valid licence yet, but wish to get motorcycle training, then get a provisional license as soon as you can so you can enroll in LMRT’s motorcycle training courses.

  1.   Classroom sessions

Courses for motorcycle training Canning Town are not all about hands-on experience of riding a bike. These courses are designed in a manner that some portion of the course will consist of a classroom session.

In this classroom session, you will be taught about road safety and how to deal with other road users. You will need to have a good understanding of the Highway code before attending any course

LMRT for Motorcycle Training Canning Town

LMRT provides compendious motorcycle training in Canning Town. To capitalise on your time spent at LMRT, you must come prepared. For this, you will need to acquaint yourself with the requirements of the course, and then prepare for it accordingly.

No matter which course you decide to take, the school will ask for two things; a licence and an eyesight test. So, make sure you have a provisional license (at least) and that you come ready for the on-site eyesight test.