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Motorbike Driving Licence London

Living in London, you must be used to walking around on foot or driving in cars. Motorbikes are considered a rarity in London, but those that are available are a sight for sore eyes. If you are a motorbike enthusiast, then gather around because this may be a helpful piece of information. The first thing you need to do before you get a motorbike is to get a Licence. LMRT is the place to go because you will get all the necessary information that you require to ride a motorbike in London legally.

Now, what do you need to do to get a Licence? Worry not; below is just a list of necessary things for you to do to finally get a legal Licence that will help you secure a motorbike for yourself.

Register at London Motorcycle Training

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you are registered at the training centre. To ensure that you go through the proper roadmap of getting the Licence, first register yourself with our company.

Once you have done that, then go ahead and register in the driving Licence category. Here you will find out about different courses that will help you get the Licence you need. There are different Licences for different motorbikes, so here are a few introductory courses to go through. Here are a couple of things that you can achieve if you get the proper motorcycle driving Licence.

  • You can ride your motorbike without the “L” Plates and can carry a passenger on the back of your bike without any worries.
  • You can easily ride your motorbike on the Motorway without any hassle from the Motorway Authorities as you have the desired Licence.
  • There is a Licence available for teenagers who are 16 and above, specifically with rules regarding where they can ride and what rules they need to follow.

These are just some of the many advantages that you could achieve if you decide to get your Licence here as a customer of this company. Along with these advantages, we also ensure that the fee structure is simple and easy to pay. We ensure that we have learning packages that allow potential riders to get their Licence without any financial delay easily.

There are two types of tests that you need to give to get your motorcycle driving Licence, and those are

  1.   Motorcycle Theory Test, where the rules and regulations are involved, you need to remember the signs and road markings.
  2.   Practical, where you need to show your riding skills practically in a course that is professionally designed.

Once you ace both of these and our professionals deem you responsible enough to take a motorcycle on the road, you will get your Licence. It is also necessary to note that you can’t go for your motorcycle riding Licence if you haven’t passed your CBT and have a valid motorcycle theory pass certificate. For more information, please do visit our website where you will find all this information in detail.