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CBT West Wickham

The laws of the UK require you to take a Compulsory Basic Training course before you’re allowed to ride on the road by yourself.

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers a certified CBT course to licenced individuals in West Wickham. You must show us a valid UK licence card or a European licence with a DVLA-issued D91 form. If you possess one of these two pieces of documentation, then you qualify to take our comprehensive CBT course to help you become an unsupervised motorcycle rider.

The course features five stages:

  Eye Test

  Education on the standard dashboard controls of a motorcycle

  Off-road riding

  Road Safety

  On-road riding

You will eventually get to test your skills on a real road, including the more challenging major roads and roundabouts. If you can demonstrate that you know when to turn, stop and give way, you will pass your road test.

At the end of the course, you will receive your official Certificate of Completion. The certificate gives you the legal right to ride your motorcycle on the road without needing to be accompanied by another licenced rider. The certificate is good for two years, and then you have to renew it.