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CBT West Ham

Did you know that you have to complete training in the UK to ride motorcycles? Well, now you do. A CBT certificate is something that you need to have to ride on roads legally.

If you’re looking for a service that conducts CBT’s, you’ve come to the right place. LMRT is the leading company in West Ham that runs this course for you. Here is everything you need to know about CBT and our service.

CBT: Introduction

A Compulsory Basic Training course is a legal requirement for all scooter and bike users. It is not a written test that you have to give. Instead, you need to ride a motorcycle on a specially designed course.

During the course, an instructor will be with you at all times, noticing your performance. To get a CBT certificate, you will have to show a minimum level of competency.

Why Do You Need a CBT?

The primary reason for a CBT is to ensure that you know how to ride a bike. Besides that, it is also used to check if you know all the two-wheel vehicle road rules. An eye test is also conducted. So, you should know how to read number plates from a certain minimum distance.

What Do We Offer

  • Bikes

If you don’t own a bike but want to complete a CBT, don’t stress. That is because, at LMRT, we can rent you a scooter and bikes for the course. All you have to do is show up on the scheduled day and give your best performance.

Reasons To Choose Our CBT

  • We Are DVSA Accredited

All the instructors at LMRT are DVSA accredited. This means that they have the highest certifications in motorcycle training. So, rest assured all rules and regulations will be followed during the training.

  • Affordable Pricing

LMRT believes in being accessible to all. That is why we offer the most reasonable prices for CBT. Currently, we offer two types of certificates.

Both have budget-friendly prices. In fact, you won’t find lower prices than ours in all of West Ham.

  • Large Facility

LMRT has a large facility with all the suitable courses for motorcycle training. We also have a training pad that is used for off-road sections of the CBT. Besides that, the location is easily accessible from any area of West Ham.

Contact Us Now

If you want to book your CBT, visit laurencev41.sg-host.com