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CBT Wandsworth

The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to ride a motorcycle alone in the UK. The course is basically a continuous assessment of your skills and abilities as a motorcyclist on the open road. You don’t need any previous experience to take this course because it is designed for students of all experience levels. 

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers a fast and straightforward CBT course in Wandsworth. All you need is a valid UK licence to enroll in our CBT course. After that, you can schedule a time when you’d like to take the course. The curriculum includes five unique stages which test you on various elements, such as eyesight, bike controls, off-road riding, safety, and on-road riding. 

Do you have good eyesight? If you can read the plate number on a car from approximately 20 metres away, you have good enough vision to ride a motorcycle alone in the UK. Once you pass the eyesight test, you’ll learn about all the controls on a motorcycle and their functions.

The instructor will assess your riding skills off-road first. There won’t be any traffic around, so it gives you the chance to learn to ride safely without much stress or pressure. If you can learn to ride safely off-road, the next stage will bring you to a classroom where you’ll learn to ride on-road safely.

Lastly, the instructor will assess your riding skills on the main roads with traffic around you. If you can get through that successfully, you will pass the course and receive your CBT certificate. This certificate gives you legal permission to ride your motorcycle anywhere you want in Wandsworth and the UK. 

You can book on-line at laurencev41.sg-host.com