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CBT Thamesmead

In the United Kingdom, including Thamesmead, of course, one can’t just grab a motorcycle and start riding it on the road without supervision without having completed the legalities of it all. It is required by the law that you complete a course known as the compulsory basic training course, which is a standard entry-level course, teaching you about motorcycle training from scratch.

What Is The Purpose of CBT Courses?


CBT courses play a vital role when it comes to safeguarding the safety of all those on the road and even pedestrians. The basic purpose is to help in reducing the overall statistics of traffic accidents, particularly those that involve riders who are inexperienced, by making the CBT course a legal obligation. This prevents any amateurs from riding unless they have certification proving that they have completed the required CBT course.


What Does A CBT Course Involve?


Here at LMRT, our CBT course involves five elements, which do not require you to have any kind of prior experience in riding motorcycles. So, you do not need to have any qualifications to book this course with us.

What To Expect

Our course is specifically tailor-made to teach you from scratch using the best and highly trained instructors. We also stock motorcycle kits, which include jackets, helmets, and gloves for you to use. Here is a breakdown of the five elements involved in our CBT course.

1.0 Safety and Aims

This element revolves around the aims of the course and ensuring your safety. This includes an eye test where you need to prove your capability to read number plates from a 20-meter distance. The instructor will explain both the aims as well as the overall content of the entire course in detail.

2.0 Motorcycle Controls

After you have completed the eyesight test and given a rundown of the course, you will start off the CBT course by learning about the controls within standard motorcycles. Of course, the understanding of the controls is extremely vital and will come into use when you are riding the motorcycle both off the road and on the road.

3.0 Riding Off-Road

Your first experience with riding a motorcycle will come with the third element, that is, riding off-road. This means that you will be riding a motorcycle from our training facility in an environment that is controlled and, of course, away from the traffic. Within this stage, you will be riding in an obstacle course, which involves following a path made of cones while avoiding bumping into them and more.

4.0 Safety

Before you move on to riding a motorcycle on the road and in traffic, you will first have to attend a session where our trainers will be teaching you about riding a motorcycle safely. This includes teaching you about the highway code and the functionality of roads and traffic.

5.0 Riding On The Road

After completing the four stages, you will be allowed to ride a motorcycle on the road, of course, in the presence of your instructor, providing you have reached the required standard.

Once you have completed the CBT course, you will be provided with a certificate that is valid for two years. The best part is that each of the five elements will be customised according to the skill level that you have and build on it. So, you can rest assured that there is no better CBT course in Thamesmead for you than ours.