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CBT Sutton

The UK National Government requires motorcycle riders to obtain a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Certificate of Completion before they are allowed to ride on the road without supervision. If you want to earn your CBT Certificate in Sutton, you’ll need to enroll in our CBT course at LMRT Motorcycle Training.

LMRT Motorcycle Training is an elite motorcycle training school with a fabulous reputation. We have spent years teaching our CBT course and helping motorcyclists fulfill the legal requirements to ride their motorcycles unsupervised. The CBT course will review everything you’ll need to know about riding safely on UK roads.

Here is what you can expect from the CBT course:

Course Overview

  • Demonstrate you can read a car plate numbers from 20 metres away.
  • An explanation of the course content and safety equipment.


Motorcycle Controls

  • Learn how to operate the various functions, controls, and components of a motorcycle.


Off-Road Motorcycle Riding

  • Test your motorcycle riding skills on an off-road obstacle course away from people and traffic.


Road Safety

  • Attend a classroom lesson on road safety and learn about the dangers of riding on the open road.
  • Learn about the highway code and the essential functions of UK road systems.


On-Road Motorcycle Riding

  • Test your motorcycle riding skills on the main roads with traffic and people around you.
  • The instructor will ride with you and evaluate your performance.


Receive Your Certificate

  • LMRT Motorcycle Training will award you a CBT Certificate of Completion.


Accepting New Students Immediately

Would you like to enroll in our CBT course in Sutton or learn additional information? Call us at 07498 174 291 to speak with a student advisor or book on-line www.lmrt.biz We accept all new students in Sutton who possess a valid UK licence or a European licence with a D91 form.