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CBT Streatham

Do you want to ride motorcycles on the open roads of Streatham? It is an excellent dream, but it requires you to have the proper skills to ride a motorcycle safely and responsibly. That way, you can ensure that no one gets injured on the road.

LMRT Motorcycle Training is a professional Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course provider in Streatham. The law requires anyone with a valid UK licence to have an official CBT certificate. Otherwise, you won’t be able to ride your motorcycle on any UK street without supervision legally.

Our CBT course teaches students the five different stages of safe motorcycle operations. These stages include:

Eyesight Test 

Motorcycle riders must have good vision. For example, if you can read an auto licence plate number about 20 metres away, you are considered to have good eyesight. The eyesight test will determine if you have this ability or not. 


Learning the controls on a motorcycle is essential for any rider. You don’t want to get confused about what certain buttons do as you’re riding a motorcycle. It is much better to know what all the controls do to avoid making any mistakes as you ride the bike. 

Off-Road Riding

A valuable lesson to learn in case you ever ride your motorcycle off the main road somewhere. Learn how to stay safe on the motorcycle at off-road locations.


The classroom sessions will focus on safety lessons and the best ways to avoid accidents. 

On-Road Riding 

Your instructors will test your riding skills by seeing how you perform on the main road. They will observe your riding skills as you navigate through traffic, gradients, obstructions, and junctions.

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