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CBT New Cross

LMRT is known to offer an excellent CBT course, which is ideal for all those who would like to start riding motorcycles in New Cross. A CBT course is a compulsory basic training course that all individuals in the UK must pass in order to ride their motorcycle legally. This is to reduce motorcycle accidents by eliminating any riders who are inexperienced.

CBT Course at LMRT

The CBT course at LMRT is divided into five different stages. You do not need to have any prior experience or qualifications regarding motorcycles to apply to qualify for this CBT course. This course is taught by the best riders and has been specifically designed to cater to beginners. You will have a one-on-one teaching experience, and so the instructors at LMRT will be able to cater the course to your experience level.


The first stage of the course starts even before the training experience and is done to ensure safety. So, you will have to demonstrate to the instructor that you are able to read number plates from a 20-meter distance. After this, you will be made aware of the content and the aim of the entire course.


After this stage, you will move on to learning about the basic controls that can be found in any motorcycle. This stage is essential as it allows you to understand how to operate the core functions and components of a motorcycle and how to incorporate that understanding in your riding.

Off-Road Riding

This is where the real on-hand experience begins. However, to ensure your safety and the safety of others, you will begin by riding in a simulated environment that is away from main roads. So, you will be made to pass through an obstacle course with cones. 

Safety on the Road

You will also be made to attend a class session regarding safety on the road. You will be taught about the workings of the road and traffic on it, along with the highway code. This is essential to attend before progressing onto the next stage.

On-Road Riding

This is the stage where you will be allowed to ride your motorcycle on the road, of course, in the presence of your instructor to ensure safety.


Once you have completed the five stages, you will then be given a certificate of completion, which will expire in two years.

Why You Should Choose LMRT

LMRT is known to provide the best CBT course in New Cross and only hires instructors who have been approved by the Driving Standards Agency. They are also known to continuously make their instructors go through assessment programs. They are known to be incredibly professional and provide excellent care to each and every customer. LMRT’s permanent training facility is unlike any other, complete with a training pad specifically for off-roading. It is also easily accessible.

At LMRT, you can always be sure that you are receiving the best of the best. From the training facility to the trainers themselves. In fact, they even feature the best fleet of bikes, which include the Honda CBF600, the Honda CG125cc, and even the Honda Vision & Peugeot Ludix. So, contact them today and join the CBT course in New Cross.