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CBT Greenwich

If you wish to start driving a motorcycle in London or any other place like Greenwich, then this is the perfect article for you. To learn how to drive a motorcycle you will need to come to our school because not only do we teach you the basics of driving a motorcycle, you also learn about the rules and regulations that are specific for motorcyclists along with what other information you need to know about the road networks in your city. That being said, let’s talk about one particular course that is offered at our institute.

CBT: What is it?


CBT or Compulsory Basic Training is just as straightforward as you are reading it. When riding in the UK, you need to have a valid CBT licence to operate a motorcycle. If you don’t, there can be legal action taken against you. Along with that, in CBT training, you are given the basics of operating a motorcycle. You are told the five essential elements that are important when focusing on driving a motorcycle or moped. You don’t need to have any previous or prior training before you enroll in CBT. Anyone interested in getting a licence can be a part of this.

5 Elements of CBT

The five elements in CBT are essential, but it is okay if you come in not knowing any of them. That is why you can start from scratch and build up your knowledge and confidence. Here are the five elements.

  • The Aims of the Course

As a beginner, you must know why you are there and why you need this information. We will tell you the basics of everything from road safety, road networks to understanding the motorcycle as a whole.

  • Controls of the Vehicle

Where the controls are on the motorcycle and what they do. This is necessary information that you need to know before you get on a motorcycle. You need to know where the breaks are and what button and lever does what. Understanding the controls of the vehicle will help build your knowledge.

  • Off-Road Riding as a Beginner

The first step now, once you know all the basics and the buttons, you then are to be taken off-road riding with an instructor. This will now be the practical experience you will get. It is thorough, comprehensive, and the part where you have to drive through cones and other hurdles.

  • Road Safety Information

Once you have now done the practical testing, you also need to know about road safety. You need to know which lanes to stay in, which crossing is okay for motorists, and how you can make a left and a right turn. All this information is vital to know and understand. Some road rules are different for motorists, and you need to know about them.

  • On-Road Riding Final

This is the final element of the class where you are taken on the busy road and asked to ride on it. This is where your skills are tested and seen whether you can handle yourself or not.

Once you have completed all these elements you will then be given a certificate of completion and you will be able to ride your motorcycle easily in Greenwich.