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CBT Course Bexleyheath

A standard training course for motorcycles known as Compulsory Basic Training is a basic course that must be taken by all those who want to legally ride motorcycles in Bexleyheath and the entirety of the United Kingdom. It is to ensure that through the exposure of training, the number of traffic accidents in Bexleyheath can be reduced due to riders who are inexperienced. So, what’s the place that provides the best CBT course in Bexleyheath? Well, there’s no need to fret as we have the answer for you. Introducing LMRT Motorcycle Training.

CBT Courses At LMRT Motorcycle Training

The best part is that you don’t have to have any experience or qualifications as the trainers will be teaching you from scratch with all of the best facilities. It has been designed in a way to ensure that it caters to novice riders and builds on their experience to produce great riders. This means that the trainers will cater the course to you on an individual basis. The Compulsory Basic Training provided by LMRT Motorcycle Training has been divided into five phases.

1.0 Aims

LMRT’s CBT course starts from the very beginning, that is, aiming at ensuring the safety of the rider and students. So, this phase can include tests that demonstrate safety on the road, such as being able to read the number plate of vehicles from 20 meters away.

2.0 Controls

After LMRT has ensured that safety can be maintained, you will then start on the next phase of the CBT course, which includes learning the controls of the motorcycle. Since CBT is a basic training course, you will be taught the standard controls that you could find on any motorcycle. This will provide you with the base knowledge on being able to operate a variety of motorcycles by knowing and understanding the functions of each component.

3.0 Riding Off-Road

Contrary to popular belief, your motorcycle training won’t start on the main roads, rather it will start away from them. This is something that LMRT indulges in to ensure that students can train on motorcycles in an environment that is controlled and not at all overwhelming. So, the purpose is to ensure that you get the basics down away from traffic as well as people. Within this phase, you will be learning in a simulated environment, where LMRT uses obstacle courses. So, you will have to pass through obstacles, such as cones.

4.0 Safety On The Road

Within this phase, you will be attending sessions within LMRT’s Motorcycle Training classroom to learn about safety on the road. This is because riding a motorcycle, daily, is an incredibly difficult task. This is why it is important for all those taking the CBT course to understand the dangers that you can encounter when riding on an open road. This classroom session also includes aspects of the highway code. So, before that, you need to understand the workings of the road even before you start on a CBT course on the road.

5.0 On-Road Riding

After you have successfully progressed through all of the four phases that are described above, you will then be allowed to ride a motorcycle on the road.

Once you finish off with all of the five phases, you will then be rewarded with a certification of completion, which is valid for 2 years.