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CBT Brixton

Have you already obtained your UK licence? If you wish to ride motorcycles alone in Brixton, you must have a valid UK licence and an official CBT certificate. However, you cannot obtain your CBT certificate unless you have a UK licence. So, make sure you are licenced if you wish to take our Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course.

LMRT Motorcycle Training is an authorized education provider of the nationally required CBT course. When you take our CBT course, you will need to complete a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that you can operate a motorcycle safely on your own. You’ll learn everything from how roads work in the UK to how to reduce your risk of getting into an accident.

Here are the five stages of our course curriculum in Brixton:

Eye Test 

You must prove your eyes are good enough to see the road and a licence plate that is 20 metres away.


You must have a clear understanding of the controls on the dashboard of a motorcycle and how they affect the bike’s operation. 

Off-Road Riding

You will practice off-road riding before you can start on-road riding. Off-road riding gives you a chance to make mistakes as you get hands-on training riding your motorcycle through an obstacle course.


You will spend 45 minutes in a classroom learning about motorcycle safety and the dangers to watch for on the road. 

On-Road Riding

The final stage is riding your motorcycle on main roads where junctions and traffic exist. If you can prove yourself at this stage, you will be on your way to receiving your CBT certificate. 

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There is no final exam to take after you’ve completed these five stages. The on-road riding stage would technically be considered the final exam. If you can prove that you can ride on all roads safely, you will deserve the CBT certificate as proof of your motorcycle riding skills.

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