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CBT Biggin Hill

Motorcycles undoubtedly are powerful vehicles making the rider’s heart pound with exhilaration and excitement. A motorcyclist risks his life and limb to experience this state of adventurous bliss. It is because this two-wheeled vehicle is highly prone to get indulged in severe casualties. So to avoid uncertainties motorcyclists, have to check numerous factors before starting their journey. For instance, a biker must predict the weather conditions before going on an excursion as bikes may skid on slippery surfaces.

In order to drive an automobile it is mandatory to be legally licensed similar is the case with motorbikes too. So, to ride a motorbike legally, it is imperative to take a compulsory basic training program. CBT or Compulsory Basic Training is a learning program designed to instill fundamental knowledge about motorbiking. Through this program, it is ensured that the beginner has a proper understanding of road safety measures, highway codes, etc. Emphasis on practical learning about motorcycles is one of the main objectives of this training program.

So here is all the information you need to know regarding the compulsory basic training (CBT) program;

What Is CBT?

CBT as mentioned before is a training program formulated by the United Kingdom’s driving and vehicle standards agency (DVSA). Through this program, DVSA is making sure that every biker out there is proficient enough to ride this vehicle. It is a thorough approach to lowering the causality ratio by constraining unskilled individuals who tend to ride for entertainment. So by having a CBT certificate, you will be considered a responsible and experienced motorbiker.

What Are the Admission Conditions for a CBT Program? 

The eligibility criteria for getting enrolled in a compulsory basic training program is very simple. The first and foremost condition is based on age. Individuals who are 16 years of age are allowed to ride a 50cc bike. People who are 17 and above can ride a 125cc learner bike whether geared or automatic.

The second condition that should not be overlooked is the learners permit also known as a provisional license. By having a learner’s permit you can learn bike riding on the roads under the invigilation of an authorised instructor. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Training?

Usually, it takes at least a day to complete all five elements of this training program. However, the duration mainly depends on an individual’s pace of learning and grasping things. Four out of five elements of this program are a theoretical review on motorbikes and their safety measures. Only the last element is based on road learning that focuses on boosting road confidence in trainees. The majority of individuals complete their training within 4-6 hours while some require a day or even re-entry. 

CBT is commonly misunderstood as some kind of driving test or examination. Contrarily it is not. It is a training program that rewards you with a certificate once you ace all five elements. This certification will serve as a permit for you to ride your dream vehicle without any restrictions. So if you are interested LMRT is offering CBT in Biggin Hill as well.