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CBT Abbey Wood

When it comes to riding a motorcycle in Abbey Wood, you are required by the law to have certification, which acts as proof that you have completed your compulsory basic training.

What Is A Compulsory Basic Training Course

The CBT course is an entry-level course, which is mandatory for all those who would like to legally ride a motorcycle, that too, without supervision. This course has five different elements that must be completed, after which certification is provided. This certificate is then valid for the next two years.

Do You Need Experience To Enter?

Since the CBT course is a motorcycle training course that is considered to be entry-level, you are not required to have any sort of previous experience regarding riding motorcycles. This is because the course is specifically made to teach you everything about riding a motorcycle from scratch and help you build your experience and skills.

What Kind Of Documentation Is Required?

In order to complete this compulsory basic training course, you will be required to show a UK license card that is, of course, valid. 

Will You Have To Pass A Test?

There is no test that you will have to pass in order to complete this CBT course; this is because, during the entire course, you will be continuously assessed throughout each stage.

Do You Need Any Prior Knowledge?

While you are not required to have any prior experience or certification, it is always better to walk into this course with some prior knowledge and understanding. This knowledge should be in regards to knowing how roads work. To prepare, you can read through the highway code or even go through our section on learning resources.

All in all, there is no need to feel nervous when booking a CBT course as we house the best and most cooperative trainers and instructors who will be guiding you along each level of the course. So, you can rest assured that you will be in the best hands.