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Motorcycle Training Stratford

Motorcycle riding is becoming a part of everyone’s life. It can be an interesting activity which all of us love to do.  Riding a scooter or motorcycle can be both fun and exciting. However, it is important to keep the safety concern in mind when learning to ride. To learn bike riding under the supervision of experts, you should consider LMRT Motorcycle Training if you want to learn more about us then keep reading.

What We Offer

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers you a once in a lifetime experience to learn bike riding with professional trainers.  We offer a friendly environment and expert services to those who are new to bike riding and those who want to gain more experience along with a full license. You can gain all the knowledge and experience by learning from the best.  You can choose a bike or a scooter riding course if you’re new as scooters are easier to learn. Our expert team can help you learn how to ride the bike easily. Training is really important if you want a licence to ride a motorcycle around Stratford.

If you are a new rider then we also offer an Introduction To Motorcycling Course. In this beginner program, you can learn everything about learning to ride and getting the experience. You can also sign up for our Gear Conversion Course and learn to ride bikes with a manual gearbox. We also offer CBT training to develop your skills and make you a professional motorcycle rider.

Benefits Of Choosing Us

There are many benefits of learning with us. Here are some of them.

Advantage To Riders

Whether you are new to riding or have experience, you will be able to learn more about riding with us. Learning new skills and training yourself for a license is important and you can easily do it under the supervision of our professional team of riders.

Safety Of Our Trainees

We take care of the safety of the people who come for training. Helmets, gloves, and jackets can help you feel safer when riding for the first time. You will be trained off the main road in a training facility with no traffic. This will prevent accidents and you can learn better by keeping all the focus on your vehicle.

Learn All The Information

You can learn all the information regarding the basic motorcycle or scooter riding. The basic skills can be learned from our DVSA accredited team of professionals. We also offer learning in a classroom where you can take note of safety precautions and regulations.


Train yourself from LMRT Motorcycle Training to prepare yourself for the full licence test. We will help you with all the information regarding riding on the main roads to ease your learning process.


We offer the most affordable learning courses with professional trainers to teach you. The courses are taught in a friendly environment so you can learn easily and smoothly.

Learning to ride bikes can be a difficult process for some people. However, if you take advantage of the services provided at LMRT Motorcycle Training, you will feel safe and confident when riding a motorcycle.