All Change in 2008!
From September 29th 2008 the practical test for motorcycle riders is set to change. In short there will now be an 'off road' section that will need to be completed before the examiner will take you on the road. The changes include:

•  Manual handling the bike including on and off the stand

•  Riding a Slalom and figure of eight

•  Avoidance manuveour at a minimum of 50KPH and controlled stop

•  U-Turn

•  Emergency Stop from a mimimum of 50KPH

He total time taken to complete the testwill increase from approximately forty minutes to almost one hour.

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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Anybody wishing to ride a motorcycle on the road must complete a Compulsory Basic Training course in order to comply with the law.  The purpose of the CBT course is to ensure you are able to ride safely on the road. Safety is in your best interest!
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Direct Access (DAS) - train and test on a 500cc motorcycle

Having successfully completed your CBT, you must then take your motorcycle theory test and hazard perception test at a DSA (Driving Standards Agency) test centre. The test consists of fifty questions, selected at random, of which you must complete forty-three correctly ....
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Restricted Licence (A2) - train and test on a 125cc motorcycle
The A2 and Direct Access Test is in fact the same test and therefore the same requirements - The only difference is the size of bike used 14.6bhp ....
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