Direct Access (DAS) - train and test on a 500cc motorcycle

Having successfully completed your CBT, you must then take your motorcycle theory test and hazard perception test at a DSA (Driving Standards Agency) test centre. The test consists of fifty questions, selected at random, of which you must complete forty-three correctly. You will then be issued with a motorcycle theory test certificate. You must produce this certificate and your driving licence (both the photo ID and the paper counterpart) when you attend each day of your DAS course.

The law requires that you are 21 years of age and hold either a full car licence or a provisional licence with category 'A' motorcycle entitlement.

You are entitled to train (accompanied by an authorised instructor) on any motorcycle over 46.6bhp. However, unless you have previous experience of riding a motorcycle we would recommend you start training on a 125cc machine and progress to a 500cc before your test. See the Training Courses page for more guidelines.

The practical test can be taken on any bike over 46.6bhp (brake horsepower).

Once you have successfully completed your motorcycle practical test, you are free to ride any bike. It may be prudent, after an additional period of time, to enrol on an additional training day to help build both your confidence and skills. After all, passing your test is a milestone, but in most cases you will still be a novice.