Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

The CBT is a one day course that will enable you to develop basic skills so that you can handle a motorcycle (up to 125cc) on the road, unsupervised. Your CBT certificate entitles you to ride on the road for up to two years. Thereafter you must re-take the CBT course if you haven't attained a full motorcycle licence.

You will need to have a full car licence or a provisional licence with category 'A' motorcycle or category 'P' moped entitlement.

If you are the holder of a full car licence that was issued prior to February 1st 2001 and wish to ride a moped on the road, you are exempt from having to complete the CBT. You will, however, be restricted to a 50cc moped! Should you wish to ride a 125cc machine, you must complete a CBT.

There are also some age restrictions that apply. If you are 16 years old and have successfully completed your CBT course you are entitled to ride a 50cc moped for one year. At age 17 you will be entitled to ride a 125cc bike for one year or until you pass your full licence.