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CBT Wimbledon

Successfully completing an authorised Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course is a requirement for anyone wishing to ride a motorcycle in Wimbledon without supervision. All unsupervised motorcycle riders on the road must possess a valid CBT certificate. You can only obtain this certificate if you reach the required standard of the CBT course.

LMRT Motorcycle Training is authorised to provide the CBT course to anyone looking to obtain their CBT certificate. However, you must possess a valid UK Licence before you are allowed to take the course. Once you pass the course and receive your certificate, you’ll be able to ride your motorcycle anywhere in Wimbledon and the UK on your own.

No experience is required to take our CBT course. Our instructors will provide you with all the knowledge you need to operate a motorcycle safely and correctly. We have already trained thousands of novices and turned them into proficient motorcycle riders. Some of the things you’ll learn from this course include motorcycle safety equipment, controls, off-road riding, road safety, and on-road riding. 

The CBT certificate you receive at the end of the course will expire in two years. After that, you’ll need to retake the course to receive continuous education in motorcycle usage. Then you will receive another valid certificate good for two years. All this training is meant to help you understand the roads of the UK and how they function for motorcycle riders.

Do you have questions about our CBT course in Wimbledon? London Motorcycle Training welcomes your call at 07498 174 291. Our staff can answer any of your questions and address your concerns.