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CBT Sevenoaks

Do you have a valid UK licence or European licence? If so, you meet the eligibility requirements to take our CBT course in Sevenoaks.

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers an officially authorized CBT course to students who need to earn their Certificate of Completion in order to ride their motorcycles without supervision. It is a continuous assessment that all motorcycle riders must take every two years. That means students of all experience levels are allowed to take the course. 

Here is a breakdown of the CBT course curriculum:

1) Course Overview

The course overview discusses the general purpose of the CBT course and the lessons you will learn, such as motorcycle controls and road safety. We’ll also test your ability to read car plate numbers from a distance.

2) Controls

You must know how to operate a motorcycle before riding it. That means learning the controls of a standard motorcycle is essential. That is what we will go over here.

3) Off-Road Motorcycle Riding 

Once you learn the motorcycle controls, the next step is to test those skills on our obstacle course. We’ll assess how well you handle the motorcycle while avoiding simple obstacles.

4) Road Safety

You’ll attend a classroom lecture about road safety and dangers. We’ll discuss the highway code and how roads work in the United Kingdom.

5) On-Road Motorcycle Riding

Here is your chance to test your motorcycle riding abilities on real roads with traffic. You will pass the course if you can succeed without causing any incidents.

You’re Finished!

If you pass the on-road riding test, you will receive your official Certificate of Completion. Then you will have the legal right to ride your motorcycle on the roads alone for two years.