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CBT Rochester

The CBT course is what every motorcycle rider needs to take if they want to ride alone in the United Kingdom. LMRT Motorcycle Training offers an official and comprehensive CBT course that educates students on riding motorcycles safely. It is a continuous assessment of your motorcycle riding skills that must get completed every two years.

Our CBT course is available to all licenced riders in Rochester. The class curriculum includes:

1) Course Review

You’ll be introduced to the course and what it is all about. Then, we’ll test your eyesight by having you read numbers from 20 metres away. If you can do so successfully, you’ll be able to proceed to the rest of the course.

2) Controls

The next stage is learning the controls of the motorcycle. You’ll learn how to execute every function available on a standard motorcycle. It is obviously a crucial step because it teaches you how to control yourself on a motorcycle. 

3) Off-Road Riding

We will bring you to an off-road obstacle course and test your motorcycle maneuvering and control abilities. No people or cars will be around.

4) Road Safety Lessons 

Lessons on road safety will get taught in a classroom setting. If you have proven yourself successful at off-road riding, you must learn road safety before riding on the main roads with cars.

5) Main Road Riding

The final stage is riding on the main roads around traffic. If you can pass this stage, you will be done with the course.

Certificate Valid for Two Years

LMRT Motorcycle Training will issue an official certificate of completion after you pass the on-road riding test. The certificate is good for two years, and then you’ll have to take the course again.