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CBT Raynes Park

LMRT Motorcycle Training teaches an official CBT course for licenced motorcyclists who wish to ride alone without supervision in Raynes Park or anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

The CBT course will prepare you to ride safely and lawfully. Whether you’re an amateur or experienced motorcycle rider, you will learn a lot from this course. The overall objective is to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents by educating riders correctly.

Here is what you can expect from our CBT course in Raynes Park: 

1) Eye Test and Course Review

The CBT course cannot begin until you take a basic eye test. All you have to do is read a car number plate from approximately 20 metres away. If you pass the eye test, we will explain the course content that you will be learning and why it will help you become a better motorcycle rider.  

2) Controls 

The standard motorcycle controls and functions will get discussed. You cannot properly ride a motorcycle without understanding how they work. 

3) Off-Road Riding

We will test your off-road riding skills on a premade obstacle course. If you can pass through the obstacles successfully, you will move on to the next stage. 

4) Road Safety Lessons

You will head back to the classroom and learn about road safety and the highway code. This information will help you stay safe when you’re riding alone.

5) On-Road Riding

Lastly, you’ll ride on the main roads with traffic around you. You’ll pass the course if you can prove to the instructor that you’re a safe rider on the main roads. 

Certificate of Completion

If you pass the final on-road riding test, you will receive an official certificate of completion. It will be valid for approximately two years.