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CBT Otford

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers the CBT continuous assessment course to licenced students who wish to ride their motorcycles independently. Anyone with a UK or European licence must complete our CBT course before they can stop being supervised while riding their motorcycles.

Our CBT course is offered to students in Otford. The five stages of the course are as follows:

1) Course Overview

We will explain the aims of the CBT course and what it will accomplish for you as a motorcycle rider in Otford and the United Kingdom. In addition, an eye exam will be administered to determine if you can see a car number plate from 20 metres away.

2) Dashboard Controls

Do you know how to operate the dashboard controls on a motorcycle? The CBT course will ensure you understand the functions of these controls so that you can stay safe on the bike at all times.

3) Off-Road Motorcycle Riding

Now you will receive hands-on motorcycle training by riding your motorcycle on our obstacle course. You will have to pass through cones without knocking any of them over. Then you will complete this section.

4) Road Safety

Do you know about the UK highway code and the general safety rules of the road? Our instructors will review all the critical information about road safety with you before you ride on the road with your motorcycle.

5) On-Road Motorcycle Riding

The last section is on-road motorcycle riding. Use the road safety knowledge you acquired and prove that you can stay safe on your motorcycle around other cars and people.

Receive Your Certificate of Completion

A valid Certificate of Completion will await you after you complete the on-road riding test. You can use this certificate for two years before it expires. Then you’ll have to retake our CBT course.