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CBT New Malden

Are you an adventure-seeking person looking to ride your motorcycle alone and free on the open roads of New Malden? There is no better feeling than hearing the motorcycle engine roaring from underneath your body as the fresh air blows in your face. The ecstasy and pleasure from the experience are thrilling.

First, you’ll need to take a certified CBT course in New Malden. Completing the course will give you the legally required certification for riding motorcycles unsupervised anywhere in the United Kingdom. That is where we can help.

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers a fast and affordable CBT course to any individual with a valid UK licence or a European licence and D91 form. You don’t need any previous motorcycle riding experience because our instructors will thoroughly train you, both classroom and hands-on.

The five elements of the class curriculum include:

1) Review of the Course Objective

The first element requires you to take a vision test. We need to make sure you can read the numbers on a car plate from at least 20 metres away. After that, we’ll go over the course curriculum and the content you will be learning.

2) Controls

You need to understand the functions of the controls on a typical motorcycle dashboard. We will review these control functions with you so that you know them perfectly.

3) Off-Road Riding

You’ll get to ride a motorcycle off-road to test your riding skills on an obstacle course away from traffic.

4) Road Safety

We will discuss the safety rules and procedures for riding on the open road. Our goal is to ensure you know how to stay safe on your motorcycle when riding in traffic.

5) Main Road Riding 

Now you will have the opportunity to show the instructor that you can ride your motorcycle in traffic safely.

Receive Your Certificate of Completion

We will issue a certificate of completion once you have successfully completed these five elements of the course.