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CBT Morden

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers a standard motorcycle training course in Morden called Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). The British government requires licenced motorcyclists to pass this training course and receive their Certificate of Completion before becoming unsupervised motorcyclists on the road.

The government requires motorcyclists to take this training course to reduce the number of motorcycle-related fatalities and injuries of riders. When a motorcyclist gets into a traffic accident, it almost always results in injury or death. That is why if you’re an amateur motorcycle rider, you need this training course to ensure your safety and everyone else’s safety around you.

LMRT Motorcycle Training has split the training course into five elements:

Eye Test

First, we must ensure you can see well enough to ride a motorcycle in Morden. You’ll be required to stand 20 metres away from a car number plate and read the number accurately. If you can do that, you’ll pass the eye test.

Standard Controls 

You must understand the functions of the motorcycle dashboard controls to operate the bike properly. Therefore, we will explain all the control functions to you.

Off-Road Riding 

Our instructor will give you an off-road riding test to see how well you can handle the motorcycle on backroads away from traffic and main roads.

Road Safety

You will sit in a classroom and learn how to stay safe on your motorcycle while riding on the road.

On-Road Riding

The last thing to do is take your on-road riding test on busy roads with traffic. If you can do that successfully, then you will pass the course.