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CBT Maidstone

LMRT Motorcycle Training is the leading provider of the CBT course in Maidstone. If you want to be a solo motorcycle rider on the roads and streets of the United Kingdom, the law requires you to pass the CBT course. After that, you will receive an official certificate of completion to prove you passed the course.


The certificate of completion stays valid for two years. Then you will be required to retake the CBT course to renew your certificate of completion. The government requires CBT to be a continuous assessment to ensure motorcycle riders remember the road rules and motorcycle safety.

The course is broken up into these five stages:


  • Course Overview & Safety Equipment
  • Motorcycle Controls
  • Off-Road Riding
  • Road Safety
  • On-Road Riding


Amateur and experienced riders are both welcome at LMRT Motorcycle Training. The only thing you need to have in your possession is a valid UK licence or European licence with a D91 form. If you possess one of these things, you will get accepted into the course.


Our instructors make it easy to learn about motorcycle safety and road rules. They will explain the information in a way that is easy to understand. However, the course is not all classroom lessons because you’ll get the chance to prove your motorcycle riding skills off-road and on-road.


The certificate of completion will await you after completing the final on-road riding evaluation. Then you can enjoy riding your motorcycle alone for the first time in a long time or ever, depending on your circumstances.