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CBT Gravesend

LMRT Motorcycle Training offers an official CBT course in Gravesend. You don’t need any prior motorcycle riding experience to take this course because it is open to both novices and experts. The government requires riders to take this CBT course every two years, so we get students of all experience levels in our class.

The five sections of our CBT course are as follows:

1) Course Overview

Can you read numbers on a car plate from at least 20 metres away? We will test your eyesight to ensure you can meet this basic requirement. Then we will explain the content of the course and what you can expect to get from it.

2) Controls

Learning to use the controls of a motorcycle is critical. We will discuss the functions of all the motorcycle controls so that you know how to operate your motorcycle confidently.

3) Off-Road Motorcycle Riding

You’ll have the opportunity to test your riding skills on an off-road obstacle course with no people or traffic to get in your way.

4) Road Safety Lecture

We will discuss the fundamentals of road safety in a classroom session with our instructor. You will learn about the common dangers on the road and how to avoid them.

5) On-Road Motorcycle Riding

The final test is to ride your motorcycle on the road in traffic. If you can navigate the roads safely, you will pass the CBT course.

Earn Your Certificate

LMRT Motorcycle Training will award you a Certificate of Completion that remains valid for two years. Then you can ride your motorcycle anywhere in Gravesend or the rest of the United Kingdom without any supervision.