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CBT Gillingham

Motorcycle riding is fun but risky. You may think you know all the safety precautions to take on your motorcycle, but none of that matters if you cannot control your bike correctly.

Have you ever received professional motorcycle training before? It is crucial to undergo the proper motorcycle training to learn how to ride safely. In fact, UK law requires you to take an official CBT course and earn a Certificate of Completion before riding your motorcycle alone.

LMRT Motorcycle Training provides CBT courses to all Gillingham residents with a valid UK licence or European licence and D91 form. The CBT course teaches and assesses your knowledge of motorcycle riding, including how to control it safely and obey the rules of the road.

The CBT is divided into five sections:

  • Course Overview and Safety Equipment
  • Motorcycle Controls
  • Off-Road Riding
  • Road Safety
  • On-Road Riding

Students must pass a basic eye exam by reading a car number plate at a 20-metre distance. If you can do that, you will proceed to learn about the course and what it will teach you. 

Understanding the dashboard controls is imperative for operating a motorcycle safely. You will learn all about the controls and their functions on a motorcycle. Then you will practice your motorcycle riding skills off-road to see if you can control the bike safely.

A classroom session about road safety is the final lesson before taking your on-road riding evaluation with the instructor. If you can pass the on-road test, you will successfully earn your Certificate of Completion.