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CBT Chatham

Do you dream of hitting the open road on your motorcycle without supervision in Chatham? LMRT Motorcycle Training can help make that dream happen. We offer a CBT course which you must complete before you are allowed to ride on your own.

Passing the CBT course gives you the legal right to ride alone wherever you want in the United Kingdom. If you have a valid UK licence, you already qualify to take the course. No experience is required.

The course requires you to pass the following five elements:

1) Review of the Course Content

LMRT Motorcycle Training will begin the course teachings after you pass the mandatory eye test. If you can read car plate numbers at a distance of 20 metres or more, you will do just fine. Our instructors will proceed by explaining all the course content to you.

2) Learn the Controls

You cannot operate a motorcycle without learning the controls first. We’ll make sure you understand the functions of all the basic motorcycle controls. Then you will be able to ride like a pro. 

3) Off-Road Riding

Time for some off-road riding. You’ll get to test your riding abilities on an obstacle course without cars or people around.

4) Road Safety

Here is a classroom session that goes over essential safety rules for riding your motorcycle in traffic on the main roads. Then you will know how to avoid dangers before they strike.

5) Final Test

The final test is riding your motorcycle on the main roads. You’ll have your chance to show the instructor that you can ride safely and abide by the traffic laws.

That’s It!

If you’ve made it to the end of the course, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate of completion valid for two years. Once the two years expire, come back and register for the CBT course again. It’ll give you updates and reminders of how to ride safely.