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CBT Catford

CBT, known as Compulsory Basic Training, is a training program introduced by The United Kingdom’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). It is a series of assessments which is legally compulsory for everyone who wants to ride a bike in Catford. This training course not only helps the rider to get a certified license but also makes the rider an experienced one.

The best part about the training is that, to get the license, you do not need to have any past qualifications or experience. The trainers will teach you everything from the beginning, on an individual basis. And after a complete training, you will be rewarded with a 2-year valid certificate. So now let’s see how this course works at LMRT. 

What does the CBT test involve?

The CBT training course comprises five elements of training that get completed within 5-8 hours. It is a regular set routine, which will progress as you pass the stages.  

1st Element: Testing 

It is an introduction and an eye test. They give you a brief introduction about all the basics of motorcycling, including the importance of safety gear. The eye test is just an assessment that will ensure that you can drive safely. It examines the rider’s eyesight, by checking whether they can read a number plate from a distance of at least 20 meters.  

2nd Element: Knowledge 

After you have passed the test, the course then starts teaching you in-depth about the working mechanism of all bikes. It makes you learn how to operate a motorbike and control it. It also includes all the information about gear, control, motorcycle equipment, and precautions. It also makes you practice all basic maintenance checks. 

3rd Element: Riding 

The 3rd element will teach you all the practical skills to ride a bike. LMRT makes sure to conduct all practical training in a well-controlled manner, to ensure the rider’s safety. It teaches you how to ride a bike. It includes: riding in a straight line in a controlled way, brake usage, gear changing, introduction in how to carry out the emergency brake, U-turn, how to change lane, and so on. 

4th Element: Road Training

At this stage, at LMRT, you will be taught how to ride safely on the road. This is an essential part of the training. It will be a brief introduction about how to minimise life-taking incident risks. This includes the necessary details about the speed, road position, maintaining distance between two vehicles. They make them learn how to ride defensively. This part of the course will involve a general understanding about minimizing the risk of getting into a dangerous situation while riding.  

5th Element: On Road-Riding

So once you are done with all the stages of the course, this one is the last and the most exciting. LMRT will allow you to finally ride a bike in the presence of your trainer, where you will be observed based on your ability.  

LMRT will make sure your experience in getting training is amazing. So, if you are interested then call us to get the CBT training at Catford.