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CBT Aylesford

Do you need a professional training facility for your CBT course in Aylesford? LMRT Motorcycle Training provides the government-required CBT course to licensed motorcyclists in the area.


CBT is the standard training course for anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle on their own in the United Kingdom. Once you pass the CBT course, we’ll administer a Certificate of Completion to prove you completed it. After that, you won’t need to ride with another person anymore. You’ll be able to ride alone legally.

Here are the lessons and evaluations featured in the CBT course:


  • Course Overview and Safety Equipment
  • Motorcycle Controls
  • Off-Road Riding
  • Road Safety
  • On-Road Riding


Amateur motorcycle riders will find the information in the CBT course to be quite valuable. You’ll learn about road safety, safety equipment, and controlling motorcycles safely. The UK government’s goal is to reduce the number of traffic accidents on the roads and streets in cities throughout the country, including Aylesford.


Experienced motorcycle riders are still required to take the CBT course. So even if you think you know everything about motorcycle safety, it helps to refresh your brain with this information to ensure you’re doing everything correctly. Besides, sometimes new recommendations on motorcycle safety will get issued to the public.


All you need to do is prove you can read numbers from 20 metres away and safely handle a motorcycle off-road and on-road. Completing the on-road evaluation will earn you the Certificate of Completion. Then you won’t need to retake the CBT course until two years later when the certificate expires.