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CBT Kings Hill

Do you wish to ride your motorcycle without supervision in Kings Hill legally? If so, you need to take our Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course.

Motorcycle riding is a huge responsibility because you must consider the safety of yourself and others on the road. The only way you can remain safe on your motorcycle is if you understand how to use the controls on your bike and the rules of the road. Then you’ll have a much greater chance of avoiding traffic accidents. 

LMRT Motorcycle Training is an official CBT course provider in Kings Hill. Our course is divided into the following five sections:

1) Course Overview 

Our instructor will go over the content and goals of the CBT course. In addition, you will have to take an eyesight test to prove you can see car plate numbers from at least 20 metres away. 

2) Motorcycle Controls 

We will teach you about the standard controls found on a motorcycle and what they do. You cannot operate a motorcycle safely without learning these controls. So that is what we will help you accomplish. 

3) Off-Road Motorcycle Riding 

Now you can see if you have the skills to ride your motorcycle off-road on our obstacle course. If you can get through the obstacle course safely, you will be on your way to the next lesson.

4) Road Safety

You will attend a classroom session where we’ll go over the dangers of the open road and the best ways of avoiding them.

5) On-Road Motorcycle Riding 

The last step is to test your motorcycle riding skills on actual roads with people and traffic around you. 

Receive Your Certificate 

You will earn your Certificate of Completion after you finish the course. It will expire in two years.