Customer testimonials
"Tuesday morning and I’ve just ridden to work on a Yamaha XT600, not the best bike for commuting but it will do until I get my FZ6 on Wednesday.
None of this would be possible without the help, encouragement, patience and sheer tenacity of the guys at LMRT."

Joseph Hammond-Hagan
"Just a quick note to say - thank you! The training was superb and the help received after the DSA mess up was superb."

Paul Neville
"Right... I'm convinced!
U peeps aught to appreciate by now that 'wee old ladies' have the learning curve of the M25 and r in need of extra petrol.
To the whole team at LMRT... Ta very much for getting another ‘Biker Boiler’ on the road!!"

"No more U-Turns!!!!"
"Thank you for your patience and encouragement in getting me through my training and my Test."

Mark Bestwick
"Thanks to all at LMRT for getting me through my test yesterday. I was chuffed to bits. Patience is a virtue and patient they had to be. It was also much more physically demanding than I imagined but the aching bones, bum numbness and frostbite were all forgotten when I was told I had passed. For anyone reading this who is just about to start a course of any kind even a CBT stick with it!! These guys really know what they are talking about and if they keep repeating themselves it is all for a good reason. I intent to come back for more punishment in the summer."

Russell Evans